What does free mount and balance include? Do you install them on my vehicle?

Each wheel and tire package is mounted and balanced free of charge before shipping! We will mount the tires on the wheels and balance them with state of the art equipment. This standard mount and balance is done with stick on weights and includes standard chrome valve stems with other balancing options, like balance beads, available at checkout for an additional cost. Mount and balance does not include installation to the vehicle. We always recommend professional installation.

Do you guarantee fitment?

We guarantee that the correct bolt pattern will be shipped if you provide the year, make, and model. If further specifications like offset or size are required, we recommend reaching out to one of our wheel specialists to confirm fitment. It is always recommended to perform a full test fit of the new wheel before finalizing installation.

Check out the instructions on how to perform a proper test fit here.

Fitment is the responsibility of the Customer. If you don’t know, PLEASE ask.

Many of our customers go beyond the “conservative” fitment offered by manufacturers and “guaranteed” by our competitors. They are doing this by making modifications and trimming plastic, and sometimes metal, to make the wheel/tire combo fit.

For this reason, we fill the order as you have placed it with the assumption you will make the appropriate modifications to fit the wheel/tire combo.

It is important that you provide accurate v0ehicle information such as year, make, model, and version (when applicable) so that we can verify the bolt pattern of your wheels as well as select the correct TPMS and lugs. We guarantee the correct fitment of the bolt pattern and functionality of TPMS, and lugs.

If you have questions or do not know the proper fitment on lowered, bagged, or even stock applications - please visit our Contact Us Page so that we may make our best recommendation for what should work. In some cases, minor trimming will be needed to accommodate oversized tires or wide / high negative offset wheels. Additionally, we cannot guarantee fitment on custom drilled wheels, but should the manufacturer make a mistake - we’ll help broker a solution. Some vehicles or applications may not apply. In those cases, we’ll tell you before you purchase.

What is a test fit?

Firmly hand tighten the lugs to secure the wheel for test fitting.


Basic Fitment

Confirm the studs line up with the bolt pattern & that the wheel fits flat on the mounting surface. Test fit every lug by hand to make sure the threading lines up with your studs.

Brake Caliper, Inner Valve Stem, & Wheel Weight Clearance

Visually inspect the wheel to confirm there is no contact with the caliper, inner valve stem, or wheel weights (if balanced). Slowly spin the wheel by hand & make sure every section has enough clearance. It is crucial to spot interference before completing installation.

Lower the Vehicle

Place cardboard under the front tires and lower your vehicle. This will protect the tire in the next step when turning your wheel. If items show signs of being driven on or visible damage, they can’t be returned.

Suspension, Fender, & Wheel Well Clearance

Once your tires are on the cardboard, check for fender, suspension, and overall clearance of each wheel. Slowly turn the steering wheel fully to the left and inspect clearance along the way. Keep an eye on tire clearance as well as any possible contact with the suspension components. Repeat the process turning to the right.

Note: Suspension will compress while driving which may change the overall clearance.

Finalize your installation before driving by fully torquing the lugs to vehicle specs using hand tools.

***Any product damaged, driven on, or used is not returnable (includes mounted tires on Wheel Only orders)***

Check out the full digital handbook linked on the Track Page and Delivery Email for more info.

***Any loss, labor fees, additional charges or damages caused during installation or installing incorrect items is the responsibility of the consumer. ***

What if my purchase doesn't fit?

If your purchase does not fit as you expected, you can certainly return the product. However, you may be responsible for return costs as well as a restocking fee unless this return is due to our company’s error. If we made a mistake on your order, then we will work with you to ensure that the issue is resolved. Fitment is ultimately the customer’s responsibility and all returned products must be in new condition without any signs of being used or driven on in any way. Any fitment issues should be detected during the test fit before driving. We always recommend test fitting your new products before putting them to use. Carefully mount the wheels/tires onto your vehicle and gently spin them by hand to ensure everything fits properly without issue.

I put my year, make, and model into the website, and I purchased what came up, why doesn't it fit?

If you ordered closed lugs and received open lugs, we likely updated your order based off the center cap on your wheel. If a lug covering center cap can’t be properly installed with closed lugs, our warehouse will ship the package with open lugs.

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